For diffusion with controlled airflow

Smeilmeister - Traitement olfactif Biothys

The Smellmeister® technology allows the treatment of closed spaces subjected to very strong olfactory pollution and without sufficient natural air flow.

The air mixture ensures the diffusion of the active agents with an unequaled efficiency.

With the Smellmeister® device you can also treat your spaces subjected to very strong olfactory pollution in a controlled and efficient way, thanks to the active agents contained in the Gelactiv® plates.

How does Smellmeister® work?

Fonctionnement Smellmeister-Biothys
  • The SMELLMEISTER® air treatment system represents the most advanced odor treatment technology developed and patented by Biothys.
  • This is a newly developed technology that works completely in the gas phase (Air-Air).
  • It is a system that sucks clean air from the outside and pushes it inside by forced passages, allowing them to touch a series of Gelactiv® plates, in order to maximize the extraction of the active molecule of Biothys before being introduced into distribution pipelines.

Benefits of Smellmeister® Technology

High efficiency

  • Gas – Gas Direct Treatment
  • Continuous operation (24h / day, 365 days / year) or sequenced
  • Constant and homogeneous contact between the neutralizing molecules and the polluted air.
  • Processing capacity from 1500m3 / h up to 300.000m3 / h

Ease of implementation

  • Renewal of consumables in the same place.

Adapted to the environment

  • No water consumption
  • Scale of nanoscale scattering


  • low investment costs
  • reduced cost of operation
  • low maintenance cost

Examples of applications

Treatment of a process chimney in the industry.

Smeillmeister applications ventilées - Biothys

Treatment of a chimney of cement works.