MICROTEC® technology

For diffusion with controlled airflow.

Microtec-traitement pollutions olfactives - Biothys

Microtec® technology can be applied for indoor and outdoor treatments. This process is particularly interesting for its very high treatment efficiency. The Microtec® device makes it possible to use the odor inhibiting active ingredients developed and patented by Biothys ™, in the form of dry microparticles.

With the Microtec® device you can also treat your spaces subjected to very strong olfactory pollution in a controlled and efficient way.

How does Microtec® work?

The innovative Microtec® technology, designed and patented by Biothys, stands out for its efficiency and economy.

This system uses the system called « Steam Saturated Dry »: a special oily mixture, which is evaporated cold, using a device equipped with compressed air and nozzles.

This steam-drying steam thus produced can be diffused at low pressure in various ways: micro-perforated pipes, equipped with nozzles or diffusion heads, by means of one or more fans or even inserted in existing ventilation systems .

The Microtec® system is equipped with a programmable controller allowing the sequential and punctual programming of the hours and dosages of the product, according to various criteria:

  • slots
  • temperatures
  • intensity of the bad smell
  • prevailing winds if installed at the open

Benefits of Microtec® Technology

High efficiency

Simplicity of implementation

Adapted to the environment


Examples of applications

Microtec-traitement olfactif - Biothys
Microtec-traitement olfactif - Biothys 2
Traitement olfactif Microtec - Biothys