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Airforce 1 technology

Efficiency, speed and low cost performance

Airforce 1-Biothys

With the Airforce 1 system, treat areas subject to very high olfactory pollution by using natural air flows.

The air mixture ensures the diffusion of the active agents with an unequaled efficiency.

How does Airforce 1 work?

  • The AirForce 1 device can hold up to 2 Gelactiv plates.
  • Thanks to the air flows present on the site, active agents are distributed all around the area to be treated.
  • This device allows a silent treatment 24/24 without implementation.
  • Suitable for each site configuration by quantity adaptation.
  • The dimensions, the shape and the distance between the slabs, are all perfectly dimensioned.
  • Allows natural air to channel inside and optimize the extraction of active molecules from the gel plate in order to distribute them in a constant and effective way in the environment while neutralizing bad odors.

Advantages of Airforce 1 technology


This device allows a silent treatment 24/24.

Ease of implementation

Renewing consumables in one place.

Adapted to the environment

No water consumption.
Small scale dissemination.


Works without energy.

Examples of applications

Treatments of treatment plants

Treatments of treatment plants

Treatments of treatment plants

Waste disposal center