Efficiency, speed acceleration and low cost performance

With the Smellmeister®  device, treat closed spaces which are subject to very high olfactory  pollutions and without sufficient natural airflows. The air mixing assures the active agents diffusion  with an unequalled efficiency. Application examples: waste sorting plants, composting areas, …

With the Smellmeister® device, treat your garbage trucks and trash compactors in a controlled  mannerand with efficiency, thanks to the active agents containing by the Gelactiv® plates and  through diffusion ramps.

How Smellmeister works?

The SMELLMEISTER® Air Treatment System represents the most advanced and most advanced odor treatment technology, developed and patented by Biothys.

This is a newly developed technology, which operates totally in the gaseous phase (air-air).

The system consists of a sealed steel cabin, with 2 compressors inside, which suck the clean air from the outside and push it inside through forced paths, making them touch a series of Gelactiv® plates, so to maximize the extraction of the active Biothys molecule and to be totally saturated at the end of the path, before being introduced into the distribution pipelines.

Advantages of Smellmeister Technologie

Great efficienc

Direct Gas – Gas treatment

Continuous operation (24h/day, 365 days/year) or sequenced

Constant and homogenous contact between the neutralizing molecules and polluted air

Processing capacity of 1500m3/h up to 300.000m3/h

Very easy to implement

Renewal of consumables in the same place (saving time)

Excellent environmental compatibility

No water consumption

Micro-scale diffusion


Low investment costs

Reduced operating costs

Low maintenance cost

Some exemple of our installation