Implementation of odor-inhibiting compound by micro particles atomization.

The innovative MicroTec® technology, conceived and patented by Biothys, stands out for its effectiveness, efficiency and economy.

It uses the system called “Steam Saturated Dry”: a special oily mixture, is evaporated cold, using an apparatus equipped with compressed air and Venturi nozzles.

This Dry Steamed Steam, produced in this way, can be diffused at low pressure in different ways: micro-perforated pipes, equipped with nozzles or diffusion heads, by means of one or more fans or even inserted into already existing ventilation systems.

The plant is equipped with a PLC, which allows a sequential and punctual programming of both the times and the dosages of the product to be diffused, according to: time slots, temperatures, intensity of the bad smell, as well as the prevailing winds if installed at the open.

This technology can be applied for indoor and outdoor treatment. This process is particularly interesting for its very strong treatment efficiency.

Microtec®  device allows to implement the odors’ inhibitors actives, developed and patented by Biothys™, in the form of dry microparticles.

How Microtec® works?

The distribution of the active component in the form of micro-particles at low pressure is provided by nozzles coupled with an air compressorr. According to the importance of the perimeter or volume, a fan or multiple fans can be installed.

A controller allows programming a schedule’s time and dissemination’s sequences. The dissemination of assets can also be controlled through a weather station or a weather vane (optional).

Advantages of Microtec® technologies

Great efficiency

BIOTHYS™ Microtec treats outlying areas from olfactory pollutions.

BIOTHYS™ Microtec device, treat outside areas 24 hours per day. This is a noiseless, cheap and high-performance technology. This system is perfectly suitable for the treatment big areas.

BIOTHYS™ Microtec device, treat your garbage trucks and trash compactors in a controlled manner and with efficiency, thanks to the active agents through diffusion ramps.

Very easy to implement

Installation is extremely easy and fast

No need for water connections and therefore does not consume water

Extremely versatile, working at low pressure and can be inserted immediately in any context, using: microforate pipes equipped with nozzles or heads of diffusion, by means of one or more fans or even grafted onto already existing ventilation systems

Modularity: allows an implementation in a more autonomous modules, depending on the criticality of the present bad smell

Effectiveness, efficiency and economy: low costs both for installation and operation. Guarantees energy consumption that is truly sustainable

Excellent environmental compatibility

BIOTHYS™ Microtec device, treat closed spaces which are subject to very high olfactory pollutions and without sufficient natural airflows. The air mixing assures the active agents diffusion with an unequalled efficiency.


Installation is extremely easy and fast

No need for water connections and therefore does not consume water

Volume global treatment

Volume directed treatment