Active components for the treatment of smelling emission from industrial processes.

 The form of distribution

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Gaseous treatment

Gaseous treatment Gel-O-Dor or Gelactiv (solid polymeric matrix)
Diffusion by natural or ventilated air flow

Spray, micronisation or micellisation treatment

Treatment in liquid form of different types: emulsion (hydrophilic), oily form (hydrophobic).

Incorporation Mass treatment

Treatment by incorporation in liquid or solid form (exair, crushed gelactiv)

Gelactiv® Range

Characteristics :

Gelactiv® is a polymeric matrix which contains active agents. Depending on the temperature and intensity of air flow, the matrix Gelactiv® releases the active agents in a slow and steady kinetics.

Malodorous molecules react with the active agents to obtain a neutralization ideal. Gelactiv® matrix can be used in various devices such as Smellmeister®, AirForce®, Supports single plate or multiplate that enable optimal distribution of active agents in the configuration of the site to be treated.

Our technology can provide a reduction of up to 95% in some cases.

Implementation Field :

Gelactiv® range of products are intended to treat sorting centers, chimneys, sewers, wastewater treatment plants, large outdoor spaces or semi-enclosed areas.

Exair® Range

Characteristics :

Exair® products come into biologically micro hydro solubilized solution. The performance of neutralizing agents is the adequacy of a formulation to the problem. The Exair® family is in the form of several products whose reactivity meet the different types of gaseous odors or structures they face.

The quality of the implementation technique (obtaining a maximum exchange surface, a rapid shift in the gas phase and a sufficient contact time) determines the optimization and performance of the treatment.

The reduction of odors leads, in optimal conditions, reduced olfactory approaching neutrality in local and peripheral perception not only of points.

Implementation Field:

Exair® range of products are intended to treat all closed or free volumes (storage buildings, local processes, composting platform) by air micronization and treatment of malodorous gases from: chimneys, vents, air extraction, ventilation. But also by incorporating in the ground or in the air scrubbers or scrubber.

Lagun’Air® Range

Characteristics :

Lagun’Air® products are formulated to treat all types of water.

The originality of the procedure lies in the characteristics of Lagun’Airâ and in the immersion technique used to implement it.

This is a mixture of hydrophobic active principles whose main features are: Insolubility in water, specific gravity lower than the density of water, components have an important reactivity on various soft structures identified by smelly water basins (sulfur-containing molecules, volatile fatty acids, …), Biodegradable 90%

Implementation Field:

The Lagun’Air® product range is designed to handle all types of tanks or lagoons, regardless of their size. The Lagun’Air products are formulated to treat all types of water, Lagun’Air is distributed under the surface of the water. The tiny drops of water fall into the hydrophobic micelles and spread rapidly over the entire surface of lagoon.


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