Reducing olfactory pollution from process water treatment and storage lagoons.

The Lagun’Air® procedure can be applied to all types of tanks or lagoons whatever their size. Lagun’Air® products are formulated to treat all types of water.

The patented Lagun’Air® technology, was specifically designed by Biothys, for the treatment of bad odors, generated by basins, lagoons or malodorous pools of water, of any size and shape, stagnant or in agitation: sewage treatment plants, lagoons , tanks or storage tanks for process water, etc.

How Lagun’Air® works?

Lagun’Air® is distributed under the surface of the water. When the tiny drops of product rise to the surface the drops burst into hydrophobic micelles and very quickly spread over the entire surface of the lagoon due to the specific low surface tension of the mixture. This dispersion method is described as “micellogeneous”.

Lagun’Air® products are stored on and distributed from the lagoon banks using an automatic supply treatment unit designed and developed by Biothys. This device can be programmed. The periods in which the product is dispensed can be set in order to have complete control over the quantities of treatment product used.

Lagun’Air® works implementation.

The installation supplies several injection units using a semi-rigid tube that lies on the bottom of the lagoon. The end of each injection unit is fitted with a nozzle that dispenses the active agents to the surface of the water. A float is fitted under the nozzle to maintain it in a vertical position at the bottom of the lagoon.

The original engineering of the method is economical and easy to use and can be adapted to all types of tanks or lagoons.

Advantages of Lagun’Air® Technologie

The Lagun’Air® procedure can be managed by simply

programming the times at which the product is injected

The position of the injection network provides accurate

control over the residential areas to be protected

The originality of the method means that it is not affected

by wind and remains in the same position.

Being immersed in water protects the piping and the product from freezing;

The Lagun’Air® procedure can be actuated according to requirements.

The Lagun’Air® products can also be set manually implemented by

gravity or by thermal spray back.

Some examples of our applications