Granul’Air AD

Powerful deodorant against odors resulting from the degradation of organic material.


Granul’Air AD®  is a powerful deodorising agent that remains effective over a long period of time. It has a very wide action spectrum that inhibits any major olfactory pollution caused by :

  • the breakdown of organic substances such as urine and faeces;
  • the decomposition of vegetable matter.

Granul’Air AD® is available in small pellets soaked in active agents that are released very slowly when they come into contact with the air. They ensure total elimination of malodours over a 4- to 8-day period according to the intensity and the volume to be treated.

Granul’Air AD® carries a distinctive fresh, lemony scent.

Granule size : 0.5 à 4 mm (80%)

Density : 0.5 kg/litre grease-removing power and an olfactive signature with fresh and lemony connotation.

Application Fields
  • waste containers
  • cellars (storage of hydrocarbon, strong moisture, moulds)
  • discharges of household refuse
  • sludge storage
  • compost
  • organic waste various


Granul’Air AD® is applied close to areas where olfactory pollution occurs or directly to the areas themselves.

The consumption of Granul’Air AD® varies according to the size of the area to be treated, the intensity of the olfactory pollution and how often the treatment is repeated.

Treatment consists in sprinkling the product in sufficient quantities over the most affected areas of the space to be treated. The dosage is as follows: 40 ml for a 120-litre container; 2 to 5 ml per m3 of the space to be treated; 20 to 30 ml per m3 of the surface to be treated.

Granul’Air AD® can also be left on a plate to diffuse over a 4- to 8- day period.

Condition of storage

Granul’Air AD®  can be stored for 8 months in its original packaging, out of direct sunlight and at temperatures below 25°C. It remains effective for three months once opened.

Regulatory information

This product is not classified dangerous of after the European directive 88/379 the EEC.

Granul’Air AD+