The AirForce ® Technology

Technology for the treatment of odors in industry and service. Effectively reduces the main odors outdoors in confined volumes .

How AirForce® Technology works?

The AirForce® technology consists in placing a Gelactiv® and/or Gel-O-Dor® plates amount in a support subjected to the natural airflows present in the room to be treated. These ones allow the active agents and the perfume diffusion in the entire volume to be treated.

AirForce® Plus USB

Treatment capacity : AirForce® Plus USB is perfectly suited for small spaces bad smells treatment.

AirForce® Plus USB is a plastic case, measuring ca. 10 x 7.8 x 10 cm, and holding a low-tension fan allowing the active agents diffusion. A Gel-O-Dor® refill is inserted in in the housing under the fan.

Applications : AirForce® Plus USB is perfectly suited for the treatment of small volumes like cloakrooms, toilet, offices …

AirForce® Plus 5

Treatment capacity : from 150 to 1200 m3

AirForce® Plus 5 is a ventilated device which can hold up to 4 Gelactiv® and/or Gel-O-Dor® cartridges from which the
active agents and the perfume are diffused in the entire space.

Applications : hotels, office, toilets, corridors,…

AirForce® Plus Star

Treatment capacity : from 30 to 300 m3

AirForce® Plus Star is a ventilation column able to contain up to three Gelactiv® and/or Gel-O-Dor® barrettes which allows diffusing
the active agents and the perfume throughout the room to be treated.

Applications : casinos, conference rooms, cloakroom, sport centers

AirForce® Solo

Treatment capacity : up to 12 m3

AirForce® Solo allows, thanks to the airflows present, the diffusion of the active agents and the perfume contain in the piece of gel enclosed by itself in the entire space to be treated.

Applications : cars, toilet, bathroom, small office, cloakroom, …