Airforce® 1

Efficiency, speed acceleration and low cost performance

With the Airforce® 1  device, treat areas which are subject

to very high olfactory  pollutions with natural airflows.

The air mixing assures the active agents diffusion  with an

unequalled efficiency.

How Airforce® works?

The AirForce® 1 device holds up to 2 Gelactiv®-plates. Thanks to the air flows present on site, the active agents are diffused all around the area to be treated.

This device allows a noiseless 24hr/day treatment without restraint implementation. Moreover, this system is suitable for each site configuration by amount adaptation.

The dimensions, the shape as the distance between the slabs, is all perfectly dimensioned, to allow the natural air to channel inside and maximize the extraction of the active molecules from the gel plate, so as to be able to spread them constantly and effectively in the environment, neutralizing bad smells.

Advantages of Airforce®1 Technologie

Great efficiency

This device allows a noiseless 24hr/day treatment

without restraint implementation

Constant and homogenous contact between the neutralizing

molecules and polluted air.

Very easy to implement

Renewal of consumables in the same place

(saving time)

Excellent environmental compatibility

No water consumption

Micro-scale diffusion


Low investment costs

Reduced operating costs

Low maintenance cost

Some examples of our applications