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Biothys, your point of reference in the market of odor treatment systems

BIOTHYS™ is specialized in consulting, design and produce world wide application of individual solutions of smell neutralization for all sectors. Our competitive advantage is the result of 30 years of experience in this sector.

This allows us to offer customized and turnkey solutions for all sectors. Biothys™ technologies are patented and used in many countries all over the world. Biothys was again certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 norm for its management and quality systems as well as for its continuous improvement and sustainable operations.

Our milestone in 30 years of activity, for example, leads us to move towards even more ambitious goals and increasingly significant results.

We are satisfied for all those who will be able to improve their lives thanks to BIOTHYS ™ technology.

Thanks to the intuition of our founder who first designed and developed our solutions, we have become a worldwide reference in our reference sector.


Biothys around the world.

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Thanks to technical background of BIOTHYS ™ and the great demand expressed by the market.

The company Biothys, by its various know-how as formulation, production and experience in this field as well as its customers continues its optimization of its existing range of products and continues its research and development aiming to answer in a more efficient way to the various olfactory problems presented by the market.

Biothys offers its customers a complete service olfactory diagnosis : accurate assessments made by experts can help identify management actions to improve the level of intervention.

Following a correct diagnosis then to the companies customized solutions, technologically advanced and economically convenient to reduce the olfactory impact.

Biothys odor treatment and neutralization